My Flying Biscuit Muffins

*If you haven’t read my first post about the flying biscuits, please read it first.

biscuits two 5

Beginner’s Luck. I have that. I am proud to have some kind of good luck. But that’s it. I should probably try my hand at the stock market – just once. The first time I gambled I won. It was at the dog races. I simply went down to the dog arena and looked at them. I “voted” for my favorite dog and won. My gambling peers were amazed. I went home with money and they did not. I’m the kind of gambler who starts out winning, so I quit while I still have money. I have been on the “losing” end, but always after I have pocketed a little cash. So when my luck starts waning, I quit. Before you think I’m a big gambler, I’ve only really gambled about five times. With money, I mean. I’ve gambled my heart away more times than I can count and my beginner’s luck was not present. Ok on to the subject.

I made Flying Biscuits today! I was in the mood and had a hankering for some of those flying billows of greatness. I must confess that I’ve really only made them one other time. If you read my blog about them you or if you have ever had the honor of eating at one of the many Flying Biscuit Cafés, you will immediately recognize the need for these at some point in your life. My need happens often. Atlanta is only an hour and a half away, and I have business there to tend to periodically, as well as some Women On Wheels® friends to visit, so I can usually get a biscuit fix now and then. I was feeling “bake-y” and decided on the biscuits. I said in the previous post about biscuits that I am not a good biscuit baker. I really don’t know why. I thought I had it going on though with the Flying Biscuits because I made them before, quite successfully. Not so today. I know exactly what I did wrong. So I’m here to offer you some advice on Flying Biscuit making.

biscuits two 3

In the ingredients list, please note that the butter is supposed to be room temperature. I was in a hurry, so I slightly defrosted it in the microwave. It was room temperature and a little goopy. So into the flour mixture it went. I wasn’t able to “cut” the butter into “pea-sized” pieces. You cannot do that with melted, goopy butter. It also never formed that “sticky ball” that is mentioned in the next paragraph. It was sticky alright, but not a “sticky ball.” I proceeded with the process, however, and it did roll out as evidenced in the photo. I would have taken some photos of the prior process, but I didn’t want to get that sticky mess that was all over my hands, as is directed in the directions, all over my camera (one of my most prized possessions, next to my motorcycles).

I peeked into the oven at almost 20 minutes. They were rising and spreading, but not flying. I was feeling a little disappointed at this point. They were, however, browning up quite nicely. They were bathed in half and half, and sugar sprinkles and just gleaming in the oven!

They took a little longer to bake, and once out of the oven I did notice that the little one in the bottom left of the photo was struggling to make flight. They rest of them sort of resemble muffins. I made “failed flying biscuits muffins.” I’m so proud.

biscuits two 4

Here’s the redeeming part. They were absolutely delicious. Daughter says they taste better than the ones I first made. I will tell you why. When I made the first ones, I thought I could make them a little less fattening. C’mon. really? Biscuits are supposed to be fattening! I made the first ones with “no fat half and half.” Yes, I did. I think that probably crosses some biscuit law somewhere in Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama. Today, I made them as directed with real light whipping cream (the kind in the carton like milk – not in the squirt can) and real half and half. We definitely tasted the difference.

biscuits two 6

In the first post I totally left out the cranberry apple butter. That’s what the Flying Biscuit Café serves with theirs. I don’t have a recipe for it. You can find one here on PBA 30, Atlanta’s PBS Station. But it involves cooking it. So I took a short cut and, of course, it’s not as grand and spectacular as the FBC, but it’s good and you will like it. I mix the apple butter and cranberry sauce together just guessing how much to mix. I like more of an apple butter taste with a “hit me” hint of cranberry sauce. Here’s the rule: add as much or as little as you like. Start with small increments as you can always add more, but once mixed it won’t separate.


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