Welcome to My Sphere!

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My desire is to keep you informed about happenings on our home front. I’ll share community information, business reviews, school news, DIY projects, and real estate market information from mortgages to new listings to help you find your perfect, new dream home. Let’s get started!

Along the way, we can share our common interests, such as motorcycle trips and tales, delicious eats, and great home finds.

I want to share my sphere with you as we journey across the land, eat at fine restaurants, cafes and truck stops across the country, make delicious recipes come to life in our own kitchens and backyards, and work on home projects and details for better living and home improvements. Are you the kind to DIY or do you prefer to hire the hammer out to the experts?

Join me here for a plethora of fun things from house hunting to motorcycling as we search for the best on the sphere!

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