New Atkins DIET Cinnabons! I’m in Heaven!


Yes, I’m eating them in bed.

Just in case you are wondering how I’m doing on my 6th day of Dr. Atkins diet, I’m down 5.5 pounds. I’m really excited. I made some delicious bread today out of eggs and cream cheese. It reminds me of sponge cake. It was so good I ate four pieces. I put some in cupcake pans and they were quite good. Check out the Atkins beast in the video below! He lost over 200 pounds!

You know how much I love Cinnabons, right? Well, I do believe I heard this guy say that the people who own Cinnabons, now own Atkins. That is just not right. At all. How can they do that? Anyway, the good news is that this guy has a recipe for Atkins Cinnabons! I have not tried it yet, as I did not have enough of one of the gooey ingredients for the icing, so I just went ahead and made the bread.

One of the things you can eat without end are pork rinds. YUM. YUCK. I can’t make up my mind if I like them or not. You can trick your taste buds by dipping them into salsa. Last night I melted some cheese on a plateful and had “nachos.” You’ll think you are really eating nachos. I swear it. By the way, I think you have to be extremely careful when microwaving pork rinds. There might be a good capacity for a fire. Just saying, be careful. And check out that bag- 0 carbs!

Here’s the Atkins beast with the Cinnabon recipe. He’s my new best friend. Bye Ree.


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