Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

This amazing restaurant was within a short walk from my hotel in Texarkana. I nearly died for several days prior to landing in Texarkana traversing through the very God-forsaken, over-baked, over-rated Texas countryside on my motorcycle in July (I would politely request Texans not to send me hate mail. YOU know it’s hot there). Why I rode through Texas in July is beside the point. Once there, you need to get on through – if you can. I made it and I deserve some kind of medal. I settled for these two plates and two golden margaritas. I had to leave half of both behind. As I approached my seat, the very kind yet observant gentleman seated in the booth next to me must have noticed that I was “dining solo.” His wide-eyed wonderment fell upon my tray and searching for a companion with whom I should have, obviously, been sharing this grand meal, he asked, “Are you eating all of that by yourself?” I wondered if he meant whether I planned to dine alone or if I planned to eat both meals myself. So I answered as vaguely as he asked, “Why, yes I am.”

And then I proceeded to tackle both meals. I sucked down the first giant sized golden margarita, and ordered another. But, before I could suck down the second one, I was feeling the effects of the tequila based libation concocted with a gigantic hit of vanilla vodka. It was a beautiful experience.
Seeing how I had already experienced an eternity of hell riding while dehydrated through the over-sized mega death inducing state of no return, I knew better to ingest an alcoholic beverage, but did so anyway. I deserved a treat and that was it. I really hated to leave behind half of the most delicious Mexican food I’d ever had the pleasure to encounter, not to mention leaving behind half of a seriously top-rated margarita, but I didn’t have a way to store the food and it would have made me deathly ill to consume it without proper storage methods and would it really be good later anyway? I opted to leave it behind. I knew when ordering that it would be way too much, but I wanted to taste both dishes and indulged.Click here on Fuzzy’s to visit their site. I’m so excited to learn that I have Fuzzy’s opportunites now in Georgia. One in Athens and one coming soon to Statesboro. Both are about a four-hour round trip, but one I will be making soon! I might just have to get a hotel room within walking distance so I can indulge in another one of those golden margaritas.
Visit Fuzzy’s in Texarkana
4849 Texas Blvd
Texarkana, TX 75503

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