My blog absence!

Howdy folks,

I’ve been away. Did you miss me? First I was incredibly sick, then I had a magazine to edit and get to the printer, then I had to go to Florida to see my father, and then I got sick again. What a freakin’ drag. I thought at first it was allergies, but my whole household is sick with the same thing. I’m not sure if I just never got over the first bout with some kind of aggressive, monstrous germ or if my daddy gave me something new. He was sick when we visited last week. He is 86 years old and does not need to be sick. I am pretty sure I have what he had. It’s a horrific cough that you just can’t get to the bottom of. Since I talk for a living, it is especially difficult to lecture all day long without voice. I start out in the morning with about 20% of what used to be my voice, and by mid-day, I’m out of voice power. What’s left is a cough that leaves me gasping for air as my throat closes! Yesterday, I had to leave my class and just go hack up my lung (sorry for the graphics). I’m so sick of this! Anyway, if you have dropped by and liked a post and I haven’t responded, please accept my apologies. I am truly appreciative!

To make matters worse, I had my year-end evaluation two days after I went back to work following my 5-day absence. Ummmmm, I wasn’t out playing hooky and I wasn’t out at the beach. I was in bed – SICK. So what does my principal say? “I’m a little concerned about your absences.” Well, I’m sorry I was out sick. In fact, I told him I would much rather be healthy and at work, then sick in bed!

Our school board provides us with 13 sick days a year. I wonder if they would prefer I just come to work sick and infect everyone else?


4 responses to “My blog absence!

  1. Dave – reachingutopia, thanks for the like. OK, I REALLY liked what you said about being afraid to work until you are 60 at the same job. So am I!

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