Goodbye Google Sites

ImageFarewell, adios, adieu, aufedersein, so long. Vaya con Dios. I won’t be back. I have created several websites using Google’s Sites. I enjoyed creating them; they were easy, pretty, and suited my purposes. They were mostly for educational purposes as I was completing my master’s degree. I had one personal site that has been in the making for quite some time. Last week I decided to get this site going. I devoted days to my project. Blood, sweat, and tears I gave. Suspended is what I got in return.

I haven’t been suspended since my junior year in high school when I asked my friend Pam for the time during a test, and the teacher swore up and down that I was cheating. I had twenty pages on this website. Twenty beautiful, photo-filled, wonderful story-rich pages.

So, I searched the problem. Google doesn’t bother to tell you why you are suspended other than “violation of our terms of service.” I read the terms. I did not commit any crimes against their sacred terms. I’m pretty sure. I’m not that kind of girl. If they say not to do it, I won’t. I checked out the violator’s forum. Seems that Google randomly selects website to suspend. There’s no warning, nor explanation. Some violator’s site have been suspended for months. I’ve got news for them. They aren’t getting them back.

The best you can do about this random, unjustified suspension is “appeal.” This action is simple. You merely click on the drop down message stating you are suspended and enter the cryptic info. That’s it. There is nothing else you can do. You don’t get to ask why.  You don’t get to explain yourself. You don’t get anything else. I immediately hit the appeal button several times. Nothing happened. You don’t even get an acknowledgement that they received your multiple appeals. Nothing.

Most of the content on my suspended site was my very own. I did insert a YouTube video, but that hardly violates their policy when they have a one-click button to add YouTube videos to your site. I added some links, but heavens have mercy, that too has built-in accommodations for that action.

I was just beside myself. It just wasn’t fair. So, I did what most of us in this technologically advanced, social media- centered society do. I got on Facebook and ranted. I raved. I pleaded with my “friends” to tell me how to fix this tragedy. I whined. I blasted Google. Nobody could help. None of my friends who responded had even heard of a Google site getting suspended. “Oh it’s for real,” I assured them. “I am suspended from my very own personal site.”

Perhaps this was one of those blessings in disguise. I’ve had my wordpress blog for a couple of years. I just didn’t do much with it. When the door closes, go out the window. Or something like that.

That’s how I landed with my feet down and my head up. Just like a cat. My attempt to update my WordPress blog is blossoming into a new WordPress website. I like it much better. It’s much more contemporary. It has a great look “stolen” from my previous Google site. I’m home now.

The sad part? Google has the “monopoly” online. I want to pull my email from them. I want to delete them as my internet search engine and tell them what they can do with their “Chrome.” I want my little tiny online presence to hurt them when I withdraw it. But, alas, I cannot live without them. I hate Bing.


2 responses to “Goodbye Google Sites

  1. Still boggles me how Google sites just suspended your site off the face of the planet like that. I have been fortunate as Blogger (another Google creation) hasn’t hassled me for the three years that I’ve had my blogs. As for school-related suspensions, mine was in 12th grade for setting off a fog machine in a school building at 11PM at night while filming a video. I hope nobody in my high school ever upstages that.

    • Right off the planet. I have a couple of Bloggers too, and not a problem. I didn’t put in as much work on those. WOW! I am willing to bet that your fog machine incident will stand for years to come as the most awesome. I will post a pic of my favorite I have ever witnessed. Kid didn’t get in trouble, but the principal had no sense of humor!

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